A brand new book for a brand new method

Job coaching in rural areas takes preparation, including getting to know the culture. How do you make connections and learn what people in the community value? Each "Tiny Town" is unique and has its own character and influences.

Hey job coach, this is for you!

This work is intended for those who assist others in finding a way to make a living. This breed of individual has many names in the supported-employment continuum: job coach, job developer, employment specialist, employment consultant, and job analyzer.  There are many forms of coaching in the employment field. This work is written for those special folks who have a calling to provide services for our community members with disabilities.  Here in the land of J ob Coaching in Rural Areas: Tips and Suggestions, such miracle-working folk are referred to simply as job coaches, and the companies they work for are given the all-encompassing title of Acme Job Coaching, Inc. (AJCI).